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I love the auction. I swore I was NOT going to bid.

The auction was crazy this time. Maybe because we had so many first timers. People were bidding like mad. A number of items went into the thousands. 2 of the director chairs went for over 5 grand, I was stunned.

Lucky winner, I think her name is Bev.

I like the cameras and decided to try for Adrian's this time, I got peter's last time. It went way out of my range and since there was 1 shot left they decided to take it with the winner. 

Kathy wins more than a chair.

What a negotiator, she struck a deal that if the bid went to a certain level, they would take a photo with her in the chair. 

I won this.

Ugliest mug ever! They were using them during the con. I actually have one of these from when I bought the VHS tapes years ago. A roommate put it in the dishwasher and now it looks like phantom of the highlander. It is hard to bid and take pictures at the same time, so I just kept my hand up till everyone else quit bidding.

Lizzie and adrian auctioning off the glasses from their skit the night before.

In their skit on Saturday night the Source was a bad dream and Joe was just fine. Like HL 2, it just didn't happen.

David A auctioning his camera.

Every guest is given a camera when they arrive, throughout the event they take pictures and then auction off them off.  I like bidding on them, you never know what your gonna get.

It's all fun and games....

till somebody gets hurt. The sword got caught in the coat Adrian was wearing and flew into the crowd hitting Sue.  Fourtunately she was taking pictures with a fairly big camera, so she was fine except for a scratch and a swolen nose.  Adrian felt horrid but it was an accident.  Ok, show of many of you thought even for a i wish I would get hit with a too.

Gillian and Donna doing their part.

I actually also ended up with a picture they offered up. So much for not bidding.