Chance to see friends from all over, all over again!
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As always one of the best parts of the Convention was meeting up with the peeps.

One of the best parts of any con are getting to see friends from all over the world.  I had not seen some of them since Leeds and others I have never met face to face.  I very much look forward to seeing my friends from around the world.  That alone makes it worth the journey, the event itself is really icing on the cake.  A grand excuse if you will, I lay the blame on the charity auctions.  Yes , that's right....I do it for the kids....

  Sometimes people from far away lands....are a little strange.

This is John he kept trying to Hex me, so I turned him into a goat.

Volunteering is a great way to meet people and get involved.

The yellow scarves are the way you can identify the volunteers.  There are lot's of different jobs that need doing and since HLWW is a fan con, we need to do them all ourselves.  If you have never volunteered give it a try, you will have a blast.

This is me with Fi and Elaine. I had chatted with Fi online a lot but this was the first time we had actually met. I think Elaine and I first met in memphis.

A lot of us have chatted or gotten to know each other over the net and it is a lot of fun to finnally meet in person.


She worked with baby animals at the Jeruselum Zoo.  I am very very sad to say that since this trip, we have lost Bev.  She was a very sweet and intelligent woman and we will all miss her so much.  I am so glad I was able to see her in VC.