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Even as expensive as it is to hang in Vancouver, the beauty and friendliness of the people make it very worthwhile.

I think the only place I have walked more is Scotland. There are some amazing hikes and city walks in VC. Some of my hikes were intentional, others were not. I did some location scouting but I also just went to see some cool places.

Totems in Stanley Park

You see a lot of original North American/Canadian art in and around Vancouver. I love totem poles. Always have, they make me feel safe. 

I want one, wonder what that would take.

I dig the symbols and the power of the colors used. 

This is Michelle, we were staying at the same Hostel International.

This is hiking out in the woods...somewhere...but cool rainbow huh? One of the perks of being at the HI is you meet folks from everywhere. Michelle is from Quebec, and was there with his sister and his daughter. I liked them all. He also does the French voice overs for a lot of movies including Shrek.

I spent a lot of time roaming in the woods.

Between the parks and the mountains, you can spend a lot of quality time outdoors. When it is not raining of course.

I completely lucked out on the weather.

During the HLWW event, there was some cold and very raininy days. After however, I have several bright, crisp, sunny days. Perfect for walking ALL day.

Trees! Really really really tall trees.

What can I say, loves me some foliage 

I know what your thinking....nice sulfer pits Bones.

This is part of the location hunting. One of the best fight scenes ever happened there.

This is the science place, pretty cool on the inside also.

This was another place on the hunt. I do want to point otu that VC has a city pass. These are cards that you buy for a time period and they will let you into pretty much anything and everything you would go see while visiting. I will actually go see stuff i had not even thought of because it is free. 

This Carol on the Capilano suspension bridge.

There is a whole story behind the shooting of this picture. I will put it in the what's new blog. Carol is a friend from the HLWW group. We spent a couple days together seeing some sights.

At the Capilano they had bridges from tree to tree.

I loved the time sitting in the trees just listening to the sounds of the forest. /

OOOH! more totums!

Still at the Capilanos there were different walks and some very nice gardens to look at.Provided you spend more than a half hour.....i gotta write that blog. 

Canada Place

Possibly the most recognisable Vancouver Landmark. I saw a 3D movie there at the imax. 

Sunset Beach

There were a couple of really great beaches in VC this one is terrific for watching the sun go down.

Burrard Street Bridge

This is however another shoot sighting, the slaying of Slan happened here.  I think...