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I had some fantastic directions for how to find different places in the city. I hardly used them. I would be on my way to the museum or to get a meal.

Actually you don't have to hunt exactly. After shooting for 6 seasons in Vancouver there are locations from the Highlander all over the city.I loved roaming this city, it really was beautiful. While I was there I had a chance to see a Geogia Okeeffe showing. Great collection, much of which I had never seen before and also terrific documentary films. My one issue was that security followed me thru the entire thing. I must had looked dodgy.... 

Now a Souvenir Shop, this was the dojo.

I was hoping to find some 'joe's' coasters there but they were sold out...wonder why? Any hoo, the building is in Gas Town, home of the steam clock and a lot of shops and restraunts. I ate at the spagetti warehouse. I know, we have one here, Bonita's travel tip 36= aks yourself "am I hungry?" if the answer is I could eat something, experiment, try something new. If the answer is' I could eat the person standing next to me..." go with something you are sure you can eat.

This is a church that was used in a couple of different episodes.

This was one of those situations where I was heading to china town and just happened to notice.

We call this Alexa and Methos' park.

It is actually a lot smaller than I thought or imagined. It should also be called junky park. Lots of hypos laying around and frankly some folks seemed a bit put out that i was hanging around till i informed them i was a geek not a cop. It is a pretty little spot and it could be easily duplicated in my back yard. My hesitation is masquitoes...

I think this is the fountain from shadows.

There are loads of fountains in VC. Every couple of blocks actually. I do think this is where Duncan was fighting the imaginary robed figure. If not, keep it to yourself, I don't have to be right I just have to be pleased. 

Dr Sun gardens were used in a couple of different shows.

There are actually 2 sides to this, the public free side and the private pay side. Again my city pass got me in free, so I roamed both. They are not very big but both very beautiful. 

Ok not from the show but, this is for Nic.

I shot this for Nic, she saw it and it made her laugh but she did not get a shot of it. I also got the 'source ' shot for ya.

Bridge where they met up with Jim Coltec

I just recognised this when I was on it.I think it was out by the capilanos but not in the park itself. down near the samon hatchery.