Blatent Eye Candy, Copy at will folks.
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This page is for the people from both the PW and the AP camps.

One we like because he is so good, the other we like because he is so bad. You will have to decide which is which. welcome to the first debate of 2008 or the last debate of 2007 ...more or less. I have also included some shots of Elizabeth and might put in some of the others if I think I have any good ones.

Adrian Paul

Good smily pic of Adrian.

A selection from the auction.

Adrian and Lizzie together again.

Hugs for Carmel.

Crazy tie picture for the non fluffy folks.

Peter Wingfield with the katana.

Good smile from Peter.

Maybe Peter should put table dancing on his resume.

Nuther Auction Picture

Peter and Adrian checking to see who's got the bigger one.....

Adrian seems rather happy with the bidding.

Don't be jumping to any conclusions here!

These people have all gone mad!?!?

Looks like he is up to something....

Elizabeth Gracen looking at her Miss America stuff.

More Elizabeth Gracen

Peter making fun of my Duncan mug. Not that I blame him, they are hideous

Some of these are just for oogling.

oogle, oogle, oogle

hmm...I wonder if I should shave tomorrow...

Stupid Source movie....stupid gardian...

I wonder if they know this is mostly vodka....

holy crap but I am so drunk.....

Candy for the kiddies.



Lizzie is one of the nicest people you could meet.

The panels were very fun and relaxed.

Use that flash one more time and I'm gonna feed you that camera!