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These are some more shots from around the city.

Mostly shots from Dr. Sun's grden and gas town.  i enjoyed my time wandering the city.  Every once in a while I would see a familiar face and we would do some shopping or grab a coffee.  Some stay after the cons to do some sight seeing, we either plan stuff together or just run into each other.  After the constant interraction of the event tho, I am ready for some alone time as well.

Steam Clock in gas town

Right outside the dojo, and the sight of a pretty fun street musician. Raymond Saunders' first steam clock was built in 1977 as a tourist attraction for the renovated Gastown district of Vancouver. Although the clock is now owned by the City of Vancouver, funding for the project was provided by contributions from local merchants, property owners, and private donors. Incorporating a steam engine and electric motors, the clock displays the time on four faces and announces the quarter hours with a whistle chime that plays the Westminster Quarters.

Gas Town
Very quaint part of the city. lots of shops, and if you spend way too much money they give you a nice big bag to carry all your purchases around in. I use mine for the grocery store now. Actually the bag is one of the best things I got.

Dr. suns Gardens

This palce was so beautiful and peaceful.  There were meditation rooms and one room had hot tea which was wonderful.  After spending time in the gardens it was lovely to sit on a cusion and drink a cup of hot tea, it was a little brisk and rainy that day.

This is the public side.

As it turned out I met up with some other HLWW folks. They had been there the day before and met up with Adrian. I swear I think I am the only person who left Vancouver without a picture with him.

Anyway, there is a paying side, which I got into free thanx to the city pass, and a public side which is just a gazebo and some more of the wonderful gardens.

Back in the garden.

In the private side they had rooms set like they would have in a traditional home.

There were meditation rooms, sleeping rooms, and writing rooms.
yup, rooms. oh and one room had tea, and you could have some and it was hot, which mattered that day cuz it was cold.

Entrance to the gardens

Also used more than once on the show.