Weapons Workshop at the Salle
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Friday I went to a knife fighting workshop with F. Braun McAsh.

I had a great time in the class. F. is a lot of fun, very kind person. At first I was a little bummed it was not swords, I have already done quite a bit of that. Serendipity stepped in i ended up with a lefty for a partner. Here is where I screw up the name, (I am horrid with names)My partner was Raberta, we had a good time working with each other. When you work right handed it is an terrific challenge to rethink things on how they would need to be adjusted to deal with the moves on the left. i had a great time playing with that. thanx Raberta! 

F. Braun and me!

F was one of the sword masters for the series. He also has a lot of great stories and is happy to share them. I was lucky to run into him at the bar one night and hear some of his tales. 

The Salle was beautiful.

They have been working very hard to create a functional but grand fencing environment." 

The foils and masks belong to the full time students of the school.

We met a couple of them, very nice group of people.  We all did some streatching prior to class.

Getting ready for class.

The woman in pink was my partner Roberta. You meet so many people from around the world over the weekend, it's really hard to keep them all straight. If I can kep the usual suspects straight I am doing well!

Mary checks her camera before we get started.

Mary sheparded us to a really good steakhouse one night, we promptly repaid her by loosing her on the way back. 

F Braun fights a Wrath!

Some of us who were still around the next week were invited to come watch their friday night fight. the students get together to spar. Durring the evening we could not use flash for obvious reasons. It made for some cool shots in my opinion.

I really enjoyed the spars.

I gotta figure out a way to fit in getting back to the dojo. So much to do so little time.