Who showed up at HLWW8
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Some new faces and some friends from the past were there.

These are shots during the discussion panels it was a terrific line up. There were some good questions asked and some off the usual topics this time. 

  Ken Gord

I loved Ken's commentary on the DVD's. Very cool stuff. He was a producer for the show. I was so thrilled to have him be one of the guests. He is also a very kind and brilliant guy.  i was lucky to have a chance to talk with him a little and he is so funny, but so quiet about it you really have to pay attention.


  Our ever ready MC John Mosby

This is not the first time John as been drafted as MC. (we first met in Leeds) I do not blame committee tho because he does a very good job of it.  

I understand he also writes a bit.... 

  Speaking of writting Gillian Horvath and Donna Letto

Both Gillian and Donna are fantastic funny inteligent women. I think the last time I saw them at anything may have been 1998. They were writers on the show. I love their commentaries and panels. I think we all fall into 2 catagories when it comes to sharing information. Reporters or Story Tellers.  Well...meet a couple of story tellers.