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I think I may have reached my limit on trips per year.

 I have moved the pictures and stuff for the May trip to Euro2007. My latest adventure took me to Vancouver BC, that's Canada to you and me. What a beautiful place, amazing really. I also completely lucked out with the weather. I was there for 10 days and only a few of those were really wet and cold. I have several bright crisp days that were perfect for all day wandering.

The first part of this trip was the Homeward Con, then second was just roaming the city and surrounding areas. They have rocky beaches, cityscapes, ports, and mountains.

that is all i have to say bout that.

I am updating the site so you may see some strange stuff going on.

Where am I?

September 14 - Head for Las Vegas - Peggy and Chris get married

September 21 - New Orleans - Stephanie's Birthday Bash!

October 3 - Vancouver BC - HLWW and see the sights

Part of the trip of course had to be making a pilgrimage to all the shooting sights for highlander but I also did a lot of art and nature stuff. I saw a fantastic Georgia O'Keefe collection.

As always if you are on the page and really do not want to be or would like something added. send me an email and if I can do it without taking out the page (still learning HTML) I will do it. Oh and please sign the flippin guest book, I love that.


I can be reached at.


Once again I stayed at Hostels International, 'The HI' for short. I was thrilled to see that they had planted a PEACE pole for the international Day of Peace. September 21 just in should google it.