Cannes and Basil
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This is Cannes and some shots of Basil Switzerland.


The rocky shore

I think I took this on the train while going up the coaste. Great train ride along the ocean, even if I ended up taking 4 trains to get to Cannes.

This the beach where I spent pretty much my entire 2 days in Cannes.

After running around Itally it was perfect to just lay on the beach and read, and swim in the ocean.

Basil Switzerland

This is where my friend Stephanie lives.  Very pretty town and the food was great.

I think this was the main government building or courthouse.

I really loved the red and stained glass and murals. The whole thing was wonderful.

I wish this were a better shot, the paintings were great.


A street in Basil

How quaint is this town I ask you.

The spa in Badin Bodin Germany

Halfway thru my trip and I was ready to be pampered. They have 2 spas here and they are huge and wonderful.