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More Photo's !

Some more Florence stuff.

This was the church in the Duomo square. Very ornate. They have dead folks bones on display in the cellar.

Also it's where my friend Gio's Dad was baptised.

Same Church

If you blow this up you can really see the paintings.

This was our waiter for lunch who ended up taking us out leather shopping and to a cafe.

The people in Florence were very friendly but like Austin, most folks we met in Italy were from somewhere else. This guy was from Albania.

A day visiting vineyards!

I took this when we stopped for lunch. Meals in Italy are several courses and even if you pace yourself you wind up stuffed to gils.  The older couple were a brother and sister from London although she now lives in New Zeland. The younger guy was our guide, he's from California. The blond on the left is my friend Stephanie.

Olive Grove with grape vines in the back.

The vineyards were interresting. We learned the diferences between different wines and how they are made.

The Tuscan countryside was beautiful.


Sunset over the Arno in Florence aka Firenze.