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Welcome To My Home Page

As you all know I have traded in my harley for a Rail Pass and a Plane Ticket.  This is my trip site so if you want to check for new Photos or notes about where I am or what I am up to, you've come to the right place.

There are Photos now!!!

Where am I?

Saturday 9/04/2004 - Leaving Austin @ 3:50 PM

Sunday 9/05/2004 - Paris that's France to you and me.

Friday 9/10/2004 - Amsterdam...........

Monday 9/13/2004 - Basil Switzerland

Tuesday 9/14/2004 Baden Baden ( Spas )

I think its Sunday 09/19/2004 and I am in Venice

i think we were in florence on the 20th thru the 22

wed 9/22/2004 Cannes _laying on the beach floating in the ocean or is it a sea.......

friday 09/24/2004 back in Paris

saturday 09/25/2004 Austin Texas USA


I will be adding photos and stories over the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back.  some of the stories were too good to do in a hurry and the photos are nice, so sez I.....

shipped all my goodies so i am waiting for the boxes to arrive!

I am addicted to venician glass.

To quote Vincent " I dig Amsterdam the most"

check the updates page for details.

The First Hotel! Paris

Close to the Louvre and the Palais Royal, the Hotel Des Victoires, located in the historical heart of Paris, invites you to a relaxing stay, due to its quiet situation and its personalized service. Located in a very quiet street, in the centre town, near place des victories. Located in the historical heart of Paris: the exclusive area of art and fashion.At 5 minutes by foot: Palais Royal gardens, famous Saint-Honoré street, Louvre museum. Nearby: Georges Pompidou centre, Orsay museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Opera, Concorde Place. At the beginning of the Hotel, after a romantic walk through the Tuileries Gardens, you reach the bottom of the Champs Elyses Avenue from where you will admire his superb prospect. 

I can be reached at.


Hotel Des Victoires

This is the Hotel where I will be staying in Paris.