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These are pics from Venice!

I loved Venice, it is unlike any place I have ever seen. I even got into shopping here, fell in love with the glass!

Me on a bridge over one of the canals.


This is the bridge of sighs.

The bridge of sighs was the bridge prisoners would cross over into the prison.  It was the last glimps of the outdoors many of them would ever see again and they would pause on the bridge and sigh befor going to the cells where they would most likely die.

This is Tomas , our gondolier.

Is he cute or what?  Very nice and well you know.....very nice.

The shops were fantastic.

I also loved the masks, I bought a couple, not all of them for me.  The mask and glass shops were great to window shop, never thought i would EVER utter that phrase.

I almost bought one of these things.

You would not believe some of things they can do with glass.  Some like this were a bit gaudy but still in person they were amazing.

We went to a glass works on the isle of morano.

I liked the guitars. I don't know why you would have one but they were kinda cool.

A street in Venice

If you go to the hospital by ambulance here , you go by boat.  There are narrow sidewalks everywhere but everything else is by boat.It's a city that shows it's age but still so beautiful.

View from a gondola

Twice that day we were in a boat and twice we almost wrecked into another boat.  On this ride Tomas saved us from a speed boat that lost power and was a little out of control.

I tried to figure a way to get it down but Stephanie thought they would notice.


The church at the palazo san marco
These are a few of my favorite photographs from my different travels. Feel free to browse them as you like. If you want one click your right mouse button and choose "Save As" from the menu.
San Marco palazo is huge. and flooded a bit at times.


Rush Hour!


This is actually in Florence, at GiGi's

Here is where I ate my special florence steak, and was really good.  We also had tampura pumkin blossoms also really good. They were friendly folks and made us feel very welcome and brought us stuff to taste and considering we had just hopped off a train and it was kinda late this place was truely a find.

GiGi's is a family run place, I wish I remembered all their names but I only remember the dad is Luciano.