Paris, Versailles, Amsterdam
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this page was messed up some how so it may look different from the last time you were here.

This is Paris and Amsterdam

What were they thinking.....

I did not expect to be surprised.She really is lovely.

Been there , saw that.

Don't just look at him the room is beautiful too.

I love this one.

Post Louvre syndrom!

The real reason they have reflecting pools outside the Louvre.

Probably the most famous used book store in the world. Also fetured in the highlander series and ya'll know I am a bit irrational about that.....

There was not a space big enough for a book that did not have one it it.

As big as you think it is it's bigger!

What's amazing about the tower is you see it from afar and it seems closer than it is, so that when you finnaly get there it sneaks up on you. It really does take your breath away.

This is the view from the second level of the tower. I chickened out and did not go to the top, this was plenty high for me.

The river from the tower.

Me at the palace at Versailles.

The painted ceilings at the palace were really amazing.

the palace gardens were a fantastic place to just roam around for a while.

I was lucky that everything was still in bloom and smelled wonderful.

The trip to the palace was a day trip with a tour company that included lunch in the gardens. This is me with my fellow day trippers.

This is the De'Orssey, I liked it a lot more than the Louvre.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw this, it looks like my nephew Kevin.

This is a piece by Camile Claudine. She was a student and lover to Rodin. Her story is truely tragic and worth looking up. I was hoping to see her work while in Paris and was very excited to find a couple of things at the De'Orssey.

My Heros!

Having dinner in Amsterdam, and making firends with a couple from England. That's my friend stephanie in the hat

Having way too much fun, and we had no idea what that was looming over our table in a pub in Amsterdam.

This was a giant chess game being played in a park in Amsterdam.

This was a garden in Amsterdam with all of these cool iguana and kamono dragon sculptures....i have no idea why.


Catching the night train to Switzerland

Swiss woman we met on the train in the club car.

Notre Dame