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HLWW Convention 2006

Great Britain 2005


The Guests were Peter Wingfield, David Abrahmowitz, Valentine Pelka, and Jim Bynes

I had a chance to spend time with all the guests talking. This was a small group, 100 folks so there was more time to spend with everyone. I still don't know a lot of folks names tho, that is just part of my charm....

Jim Byrnes auctioning Eric's Guitar


The auction also was for Project Eden. Project Eden is a charity for children orphined by or otherwise affected by aids. For more information you can go to the PWFC link below.

The other children's charity I and other Highlander fans support is PEACE, learn more about that below.

Valentine was a great panel guest he even read from a book he is writing.


Even if he was in London and we brought him over virtually, Peter was a great auctioneer.