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Poetry Slam and PWFC Memphis



I'm Taking Off Again

So here I go again.  This time I am having a look at the UK .  I am starting off in London but the first grand adventure is I am going to sail on this ship for 3 days!!!

We will be looking for whales in the ocean and then heading down Loch Ness . They have sonar so we can hunt for nessy. There will also be Scottish dancing, folk music, and stories.


Where are the pictures where are the pictures!

As you probably know we have been a little busy in Texas since I have gotten back.  I have been hosting friends from Houston and their pets so I have not been working on the site.  Fortunately Rita was not as bad as she could have been so They will be able to return home today.  House still standing, yip yip! 

So, I have some work to do in photo shop to brighten up a couple of them but I will be working on it this week.

Where am I?

Thursday 9/01/2005  - Leaving Austin @ 3:15 PM

Friday 9/02/2005 - London by day, night train by...well night up to Inverness .

Glenfinnan around 9/5

Skye around  09/07/2005  

HAUNTED CASTLE on 9/09/2005

the Edinburgh

I fly out to Dublin on 09/15/2005

then Home on 9'17'2005


Points of interest will be :

London, the Tower of London, Westminster Abby, Edinburgh, night tour of the catacombs under the city, the castle and the royal mile, Glenfinnan (highlander problem I have had for a while now), spending the night in a haunted castle, the Carbisdale Castle, the Isle of Skye, Dunvegan Castle (the Macleod stronghold), the Castle at Sterling, Dublin, the Book of Kells, Dublin Castle, the Guinness Brewery.


I will update as I can. The internet cafe is not as popular in Scotland as in other places but the hotels may have a computer guest can use. Definitely Edinburgh has cafes.

I am now in Dublin .  The hotel is in a great location, staff is very friendly. Ran into some guys from Sweden last night at dinner had a good time talking to them. Then I went to a pub and got a bit more hammered than expected. I have to go up several flights of a narrow staircase to get to my room.  I am surprised I did not roll back down them.  Oh well I was celebrating.....

Today I am off to see the sights and tomorrow I fly home. It will be good to get home I miss my puppy and my friends.  I have maxed out the what's new page so I am adding this here on the home page.  Hope all is well with ya'll, gotta get going lots to see today!


I can be reached at.


woo woo!

I am taking the Jacobite Steam Train into Glenfinnan. That's the Hogwarts Express to you and me!