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Great Britain 2005

I spent a day and a half on Skye. One of only 2 days that it rained.

As you know I did not like the driver I hired.  Do not hire Skye Tours to do a private driver tour.  Dude will argue over what you really do or don't want to do.  Personnaly, I think he only wants to take you to shops that give him a kick back and only will drive so far, even tho you pay by the hour.  better to rent a sheep and ride it around.


This is where I caught the ferry to Skye.  Cute cute cute place.  I spent a couple hours just hanging out , cool little town.

Cold and blustery day.

The clouds get mighty low in those parts.

Lots of pretty places.



You could see both ends of this rainbow , but I didn't see any gold.

This qualifies as over crowding on Skye.

I can't make up my mind how I would feel about living this remotely.  However it is pretty easy to get out and be in a town so it would be ok I think.

Dunvegan Castle

This is the stronghold for the clan MacLeod, has been for nearly 800 years.  John MacLeod is the current chief.  He lives in the castle so most of it is off limits.

OOOH Castlelly......