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EuroTrip 2004

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Great Britain 2005


Hiked lot's, one of my favorite places.

The steps up to the top of the monument are very narrow and steep. Then you have to crawl this trap door in the cieling type thing.

The Jacobite/Bonny Prince Charlie monument, great view from up top.

No Passing!

Loch Shiel in Glenfinnan

Prince Charlie on top of the monument.

view from the top

Nuther View

trecking to the monument.

look how high I am......

Still hiking

This is the tressle you cross coming into Glenfinnan by train.

groovey old church I happened across

great stained glass, but then most is.

Still hiking

On the Jacobite Steam train, (Harry Potter train) arriving in Glenfinnan

Guess what I am doing.......hiking

more of a walk than a hike.

Stopped for Lunch, liked this tree. showing it to you.

Artsy Craftsy


This is in the Gardens at Dunvegan Castle on Skye. They call it a Monkey Puzzel tree. Cause of the spikes.....never mind that there are no monkeys in's a monkey puzzel there were any monkey's the scots feel sure this tree would puzzel them.....but there aren't any.....

Great gardens at Dunvegan. just as I said monkeys.

I was surprised by all the stuff that was in bloom....and the serious lack of monkeys.

Dunvegan gardens still.

oooh AAAAAH pretty.

Positively devoid of primates.

A shed basically on Skye.

Me on a train way too early in the morning , heading for Culrain.

Carbisdale Castle. It's a hostel that I stayed at in Culrain. Sposed to be haunted.

The only thing I found haunting the castle would be these people. This is after a long time looking for a trail to get to the pub.

One of the halls in the castle.