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Great Britain 2005

Great I just crashed this page. I am tired of these mother f##king crashes on this mother f**king page. This page is about My nephew Kevin Day. His friend in Houston shot these pics for him and so I am sharing. Cause I am an aunt and aunts are like that.


Scifi shot

This is one of my favorites cause I am into scifi and looks scifi..

Nice Suit
I do not like him scowly , when usually I love scowly , but I want him happy.

Kevin is an Actor/Musician/Comedian

So if you have a project in the wings and can use him for it, let me know. anywhere.

Why yes, I am pimping out my nephew......

Yo Kevin, eat a sandwich.....

I always run out of stuff to say.

This is my sister jan's kid.

I should scan some of his baby pictures that I took.
it could be like a before and after thing.


Blah Blah Blah