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So someone gave me grief about the legend on the side and I tried to fix it. This ended with me wiping out the whole freaking site. This page disappeared completely so I have redone it. If it looks different it is because it is.

The auction was a lot of fun, I ended up bidding and winning a couple items.

Shameless ploy to raise the bid on the chairs.


Fair is Fair I suppose


I wonder if I do that prove I'm an immortal thingy by cutting my hand open if they will bid more

I wish I had gotten a shot or 2 of the claymore.

For another 100 dollars we'll fill it with the beverage of your choice.

I think Peter is winding Adrian up.

This is a magazine from Adrian's modeling days

The real reason I bid so much!Arhiman was running the auction.


OOOOH!This is fun what's next?

They really did do a great job of calling the auction.

I need a starting bid this big!

Peter and Adrian got a little competitive about who's stuff was getting the higher bids. 

PW-if I give you this your not going to do anything crazy like cut my head off right?

Sale of the invisible pants.

Martha thought it would be funny if Adrian had auctioned the pants from his skit. /

PW - Adrian has gone so far off script I don't even know what's being bid on.

Adrian - hmm....I wonder if I could actually chop off his head and still sell the sword. 

Man I had to do a lot to this pic to make it the horror you see now.

Another title that could be recycled, very scary. The leather jacket goes up for bid. 

This was easier the first time, nuther bid shot.....

Cannot have too many sword pics, but this one is mine!

Worth the struggle to get it home, now that it is more than a stupid box!