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Great Britain 2005

Poetry Slam and PWFC Memphis



I'm Taking Off and Yet Again

So here I go again.  This time I am having another look at the UK .  This time my friend Martha is going with me. (just occurred to me I never mention my name is Bonita, tho some folks call me Bones, hence the page name) Some day I may write the book of Bones, but till then I have this cheesey website.

Back on topic- Martha and I went to the Highlander convention in Leeds England. What fun!  Like any trip it was full of making friends and good times and utter panic. I will be adding a slide show once I get martha's pictures cause mine suck and her will be great. (thanks Miss  Martha)

I also will be doing my trip tales in the next few days.

Hey Teddy! I left your pics off so if you want them just email me. 

Where am I?

Leaving March 8th 2006 for Dallas texas

Leave for Leeds England on March 9th 2006

Leave for Bath on March 13th 2006 and it all went kinda crazy after that.......

March 16th 2006 Robby took us to dinner for my birthday THANX! ROBBY!!!

It was a whirlwind thru Leeds, London, Bath, Truro, Salisbury, and about a dozen train stations.

I bought a sword at the auction, yeah I know, and guess what.....you cannot ship a sword of any kind out of England!  Had to drag that stupid freaking box all over England.  more bout that on what's new.


I can be reached at.




Silas sez hey! giver her a break...these things take time! and what was all that crap about no monkeys in Scotland?