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Great Britain 2005

I am not making any sense with this trip. Nothing is in order, just chaos.


Hiking at the castle!

Normally you expect to gain a little weight on vacation.  I ended up loosing some.

Very pretty part of the world.

Hiking Hiking yada yada yada.

No wait this is different, I am hiking in the woods.

More castle walks.  Still no monkeys anywhere.

I think maybe I should turn back now.

The hills and woods were great. There were some parts that were damaged by an ice storm last year but mostly it was beautiful.

Girls Dorm

Actually very comfortable.  Slept really well, might have been the hiking, might have been the beer.


Did some reading, also it is where the computers were.  I was also able to do laundry and if you wanted to cook your meals they had a kitchen for you. I just bought a meal ticket.  Course I could not eat it cause it was all lamb. fish, and cheese.  Thank goodness for white bread and butter.

I wanna do this in my house.

I saw some crazy decor, can't wait to try some of it.