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Great Britain 2005

These are more trip pics

Scotland is so beautiful. From the boat you get to see a view that is very different than from shore.

A castle we passed, no I do not know which one or even where we were exactly.


The problem with Scotland is that just when you think this is as good as it gets, you turn a corner and it is even better.


Yes that is me...really....I was there.

It was actually hot that day, quote of the trip..."somebody get my camera the texan is taking off her coat".


The water was very dark, I think due to the depth. It reflected everything , like glass.

I am pretty sure this is Ben Nives.

ok I am tired and have to to sleep . this takes a while to do. I will do more later. oh, this mountain is the highest peak in Scotland.

More Views from the boat


Ian heading back to the boat in Loch Ness

Due to winds we had to anchor out in the Loch and use the dingy to get to shore for the Ceilidh.

This cracked me up.

The middle of this horse spins and the kids have to try and get from the tail to the head of the horse without falling off. 

Going up and down the Lochs.

When going through the locks, they get as many boats as possible.   It is really amazing when you consider how old the mechanics of it are.  I could look that up and will at some point.


It really was beautiful and relaxing traveling down by boat.  I HIGHLY recommend doing this.

Eala Bhan AKA the White Swan.

The boat was really comfortable but keep in mind, it's a boat.  Cabins are small and while there are bathroom and shower on board, it's a boat.  There were also shower and restrooms where we docked at night.  You can do longer journeys also, I was only on a 3 day trip.

Man I had to do a lot to this pic to make it the horror you see now.

I did not do so well with this camera.  These are my ship mates , well half of them, had to do 2 shots. The picture turned out badly so you can hardly make out it out. I am leaving the names off cause I have misplaced a couple.  But for those I promised to send printouts I am getting that done currently. 

Shipmates part two!

What a great bunch of people.  Everyone was very nice.  Little bit tea obsessed but very nice.  This is in the gally. Did i mention the food was wonderful on the boat?

Ian , Mark and a friend of theirs from up Loch.

Actually thier friend (Ryan maybe?) is from Memphis.  He lives on a boat that he has made look like a giant rock.  This was the last night on the boat and we were just hanging out after the others went to sleep.